And Now I Unfurl

Gerbera Flower

I am a lover of words and songs. I write them. I sing them. For myself. For others. They are my offerings of gratitude. To God for endowing me with these gifts. And to past souls for inspiration, to present souls for appreciation, and to future souls for providing a never ending destination for my passion and energy.

My smile is one of my greatest assets. Laughter is my favorite medicine and I'm a big fan of teachable moments. For both children and adults. I'm southern to my bones, but am very much a global thinker and fan of seeing all that this world has to offer. I unfurl to graciously accept the sun and rain on my petals. To boldly bloom. Come unfurl with me and see how good it feels. 

"Nothing is sweeter than the perfume of this moment" -- Kelita Samone

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